Frenchtown Field

Located in Monroe, Michigan, at 2497 Bluebush Rd., Frenchtown Field is the Home of the Wiffling DeLoppes.

After alot of tweeking, trial-and-error, and much grooming, Frenchtown Field is almost finished. Here are the final measurements and features: Standing in left field is an 8-foot tall 40-foot long wall that measures 85' 6" down the line and 94' at its distal end. The wall drops down for the next 7 feet to 7-feet tall for the power alley in left at a distance of 95' from the plate. The fence takes its final elevation drop to the height of 6' 6" tall and extends to 99' 6" in straight-away centerfield, then it stretches out to 107' in the rightfield power alley, it then travels home a bit to 92' in right field, and finishes its journey down the line in right at an even 84'. Frenchtown Field sits on top of a small hill that allows for drainage into the swamp behind the right field wall, which keeps the field dry and pretty much mud-free throughout the wet months of April and May. Other unique features at Frenchtown are its 8" tall pitcher's mound and suspended strike zone.

Read more about Frenchtown Field in this article on The Skinny:

2497 Bluebush
Monroe, MI
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