Jerk Turf
Novi Meadows Elementary
25549 Taft Rd, Novi, MI

Ratings (out of 10):
The Jerk Turf has a couple things going for it. The field name is hilarious and it’s located in the richest area in the league. Seriously though, the soccer field next to the field is nicer than most high school football fields I’ve seen. Driving up to the field you pass giant homes, a high school that looks like a small college, and then you arrive at Novi Meadows School. The baseball field that is used is very secluded, which is a good quality. The actual playing field is all gravel, exactly like The Island. I do think this field has harder gravel, so it plays faster than The Island, and also be careful if you slide.

The backstop and foul fencing from the baseball field makes up the entire outfield fencing. Some small foul poles are attached which is a nice touch. My favorite feature is the benches that are moved from the baseball “dugouts” onto the field for teams to sit on. There really aren’t many other positives about this field. Kiefer chose a field that you can set-up and breakdown in minutes and I can’t fault him for that. The groundskeeping is a disaster. The strikezone stakes are unable to go into the ground, so the zone has to lie against an object to keep it upright. The lines are also a mess, but at least the field is 90’. They do have a backstop, but so far it hasn’t been set-up for games.

The Jerk Turf will test the best fielders in the league, with screeching fast ground balls and dribblers routinely getting past the 20’ foul line. I am not the biggest fan of this field, but I do applaud the Onanism for finding a field of their own and it truly does give them a unique home field advantage.

SWOT Report
Strengths:  Easy set-up/breakdown, seclusion, team benches, foul poles, plenty of parking, neutral play (not heavily hitter/pitcher friendly).
Weaknesses:  Uneven lines, crappy line paint, no bathrooms, gravel scuffs up balls quickly, boring dimensions, backstop isn’t being set-up.
Opportunities:  Same County as the Warriors so you can knock out both series in a day, hot moms.
Threats:  Baseball field being used, the school complaining, sunburn.
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