Chestnut Field

23500 Fairway Dr E, Woodhaven, MI 48183


LF:  100'
CF:  90'
RF:  95'
Ratings (out of 10):
2014 is the year of neighborhood fields, and Chestnut Field, the home of The Flying Squirrels adds to that trend. Chestnut Field is located at Heritage I Park, which is hidden in a Woodhaven neighborhood. There are two entrances to the park, and there’s a decent amount of street parking. It’s not a good field for tournaments, but for season play it will be just fine. Much like the Squirrels home in 2012, this field also uses 200’ of silt fencing and also incorporates a tree. This giant tree in left field is in play, and when fully blossomed could stop many home runs hit that way. Other than the tree, the field is pretty basic and standard without any quirks. There won’t be any cheap home runs, and there also isn’t any super deep dimensions, so this field will play pretty neutral.

The grass on the field is decently lush, but there are some slight inclines on the playing field. The city Woodhaven does a good job with grass cutting, so I don’t expect the grass to ever get too long. Unfortunately there isn’t a bathroom or porta-potty at the park, and with backyards surrounding the park, you can’t be sneakyif you want to relieve yourself. The nearest place to go would be the McDonalds on West Rd.

It’s not the most creative field in the world, but it’s not a boring all silt fencing field like the Swamp from 2012-13, so for that I am happy.

[Here’s a fun fact that I bet no one knows about. In 2005, when I formed the Downriver Wiffleball League, the only other team besides my own that signed up, picked this park as its home. The team name was No Ma’am and many of their players lived in this neighborhood. The league never started and instead we just hosted two tournaments that summer, but I think it’s neat that we have a team who now plays here.]

SWOT Report
Strengths:  Neutral Dimensions - not too pitcher nor hitter friendly, giant tree will offer shade, nice grass, fan friendly, close to gas stations.
Weaknesses:  Giant tree could stop some no doubt home runs, people at the park could be using the field without warning; no bathroom.
Opportunities:  Located in the heart of Downriver and close to many other WSEM fields, curious park goers could inquire about the league
Threats:  Many backyards surround the park and people often complain when they see a dozen grown men playing at a park.
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