The New Drey
Brownstown Middle School
20135 Inkster, Romulus, MI


LF:  89'
LC:  118'
CF:  125'
RC:  91'
RF:  81.5'
The New Drey will be even Squirrelier than the original, featuring a tree in center field! The fence will go around behind the leafy feature, leaving playable territory back there. Additionally, any ball hit off the tree will be live: if a fielder catches it - out; if it lands on the ground - in play; if it finds its way over the fence - home run! A ball that gets stuck in the branches will be a ground rule double.

The dimensions of the New Drey are still designed to play big. The left-field line measures 90' to the pole, and 89' to the lip of the tire: a ball landing on the tire is a home run. To deal with prevailing westerly winds pushing out to left field, the fence angles sharply back off the foul pole to a distance of 110' a few steps off the line, gets up to 118' in the left field power alley, and approaches 125' in deep center behind the tree. Right field is tame by comparison with the power alley measuring in the low 90s, and the line at 81.5'.

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Ground Rules:
  A hit ball that strikes the tree is live; it may be caught for an out.
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