The Field of Make-Believe
Civitan Park
37175 Glenwood Rd, Wayne, MI

Ratings (out of 10):
The Field of Make-Believe, home of King Friday, is the located at Civitan Park. The original plan was to play at Schweitzer Elementary which is behind team captain Richard Hurd’s house. After checking out the close by Civitan Park, the team felt this park would be a better home for the team. This will be the first home field for King Friday, since last season they chose not to have their own field.

Located just off Michigan Ave in the city of Wayne, Civitan Park is your typical neighborhood park. There’s a playground, tennis and basketball courts, a pavilion, and a few grills. South of the tennis and basketball courts and next to the sand volleyball court is the location of the field.

The Field of Make-Believe will utilize fencing that is already in place, along with portable silt fencing. One of the poles for the volleyball net is the left field foul pole. ~60’ of silt fencing will then stretch from the pole to the 12’ high fence that is used for the tennis/basketball courts. 35’ of silt fencing is then used to connect the 12’ fence to a large tree used as the right field foul pole. The large tree will have an 8’ mark on the main bark which will be a HR line. The rest of the tree will all be in play. The team hopes for some wacky extras to put in LC & RC to make the field wild and crazier.

SWOT Report
Strengths:  Wayne is not too far for Downriver residents and Oakland county residents, field dimensions have a backyard feel, park has a lot of open space for fans, hitter friendly, giant tree offers plenty of shade, grass is plush and well maintained.
Weaknesses:  No parking lot, cheap HRs in LF, tree can stop no doubt HRs in RF, alcohol prohibited without permit, no bathrooms.
Opportunities:  Pavilion and grills make it a great tournament location, many surrounding houses so curious people could watch games, park is kid friendly so kids would be easily entertained if you brought them.
Threats:  If street parking fills out players will have to park further away in neighborhood, rumor is that the sand volleyball court isn't used anymore, but if that changes alterations must be made in left field because they are too close to each other.

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