The Westside Reservation (2011)

Constructed by the Warriors in 2011, the Reservation - or at least its location - will see continued use in 2011 by Joe Seto's Donkeys, whose roster includes former Warriors talent. Dimensions are likely to be altered by the new franchise for the upcoming season.

Unfortunately no pictures of the final layout of the Reservation for the 2011 season exist. The field had the most wild dimensions of any field in WSEM's inaugural season. They were birthed as a reaction to the few lefties in the league, and therefore the propensity for most fields to be built to favor right-handed hitters. Starting in left field, it doesn't seem out of the ordinary at 85' down the line and running fairly perpendicular to the line into center field. Center field is where it starts getting fun with a deep wall near 110' straight away, and then a sharp drop off straight in toward second base. Right field never gets deeper than 75' and is a graciously measured at 65' down the line. Righties may whine about "cheap shots," but isn't that what home field advantage is all about?

Read more about the Westside Reservation in this article on The Skinny:

2011 Dimensions:
65' to the right field pole
85' to the left field pole
~110' to dead center

Located at Farmington and Colfax. Directions: take 275 N, get off at 8 mile. Take a right off of the exit. Then 1.5 miles down take a left on Farmington Rd. Then make another left at Colfax. The field will be on the right hand side.
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