Poolside Park
5258 Consear Rd., Ottawa lake, MI

Ratings (out of 10):
Poolside Park is the home of the 2012 WSEM Champion Whiteford Wicked Aces. When the Wicked Aces joined WSEM in 2012, they already had a field that they used in the Whiteford Wiffle Association, but it was built for 1-on-1 play. After a lot of remodeling to suit our 4-on-4 play style, the field was set. Short porches with a deep left field spike and left-center field make for a dynamic layout. The namesake feature of Poolside Park is the pool for a home run fence down the left field line. "Poolshots" are rare, with the first one in WSEM league play coming in the first round of the playoffs when Joel Crozier got one against the Mattseals.

This season, Poolside Park is going to make some more changes. They plan on making the fence in right 12’ instead of 8’. Also, the power alley in left center will be much deeper with the removal of the last pine tree. They are also considering an idea to create a negative angle with the fence behind the pool to eliminate some chip shot homers.

Poolside Park epitomizes what a backyard field should be with its crazy HR dimensions and its great creativity. They also have a sound system set up at the field. Before the games and between innings music can be heard on the loud speakers, and if someone is available to do it, a public address announcer will announce the next batter up. Although this field is on the MI/OH border and is quite the hike to get there for most, it is always worth the drive.

SWOT Report
Strengths:  Grass is always well maintained, has a sound system, hitter friendly, lines are always easy to see.
Weaknesses:  Location of the field, parking can be tough if too many people are there, cheap HRs.
Opportunities:  Pool party/BBQ after games, if the parking situation could be figured out it would be a great tournament location.
Threats:  Sunburn, bees.
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